An Intense Calm - Coffee Table Book Production including writing, photography, layout, branding, & marketing.
A nomadic refuge story about losing everything, yet having it all.

Repeating the mantra, “Always continue to learn,” a student of spiritual, creative energy reaches a half-century marked by a unique experience to last a lifetime. The entire world faces a crippling pandemic just as the author arrives at a most fortuitous oasis to “shelter-in-place.” The road-worn digital nomad goes on an excursion to a remote Indian Ocean atoll on the equator. Due to the sudden 2020 lockdown, what starts as a 10-day exploration & surf trip turns into a half-year plus (unknown at the time of this writing) isolated island sojourn.

Feast your eyes on a color study of composition and design packed with nature, sports, and travel photo selections. Practical water safety tips are written in a personal journal style replete with contemporary typography, pretty flowers, and ancient archaeology. The tale is seasoned with tasty fact bites for visiting the tropical Maldivian archipelago. Served on a silver platter is food for conscious thought to navigate the return to one’s center. Health and lucid awareness is a recipe for an ecologically nutritious, sustainable mind and body. Drink from the proverbial fountain of youth to achieve the best out of surfing ’til a hundred years old.

The search for the perfect wave is akin to the age-old quest to discover the meaning of life. This coffee table book dives into both.
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